Welcome to my page! I’ve been a wife since July 2015 and a brand new mom to a little boy named Sam “Baby Frange”, who was born July 2016 (yes he was planned). I’m slowly getting the hang of this crazy world of parenting with the help of my husband Nick, family, Google and red wine. I’m a bit of a neurotic over planner (just ask my husband, he’ll tell you ALL about it) who did a ridiculous amount of research when it came to preparing for a baby. Car seats, diapers, bottles, labor, I researched EVERYTHING. Seriously, ask Nick, I know he’d love to have someone listen to all he has to deal with on a daily basis. I started this blog with one thought in mind: to help parents out by giving unbiased opinions on items we’ve tried and loved, while throwing in a healthy dose of sarcasm and humor because really, we’re all just trying to survive here. If I can help one parent out and maybe make them smile and stop considering setting the baby down and running away forever, it’ll be worth it. So stick around! I’m happy to have you here with me.