Reviews with Mommy: Softbums Cloth Diapers

​When it comes to cloth diapers Softbums Echo and Omni shells are hands down my favorite. I’ll admit that when I first purchased them I was intimidated by the slide2size system, but you know what? It’s genius! Slide2size lets me get the perfect fit on Sam every time no matter what. I’m also a big fan of their one-size DryTouch Super Pods that simply snap into both shell styles. They take away the job of stuffing inserts and paired with the sizing system makes the shell virtually leak proof (which is pretty important when it comes to diapers). Sam is a super soaker who is known for poop-splosions and Softbums are bullet proof 👍 Both shells are very trim, even when doubled up on inserts, which means baby doesn’t end up looking like a Kardashian. Lastly, the prints are adorable! I have this same chevron print but in grey and love them both. If you’re looking for a cloth diaper that is trim, fits perfectly and is leak proof, look no further than Softbums! To learn more or buy for yourself, check them out here!


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