It goes so fast 

It’s something that people tell you constantly from the time you’re a child. When all you could think about was how great it would be to get your permit, get your license, graduate high school, go to college! There was always someone telling you not to rush time, that it goes too fast. And then you’re expecting your first baby and are SO excited for them to arrive that you wish away the pregnancy and count down to the due date, anxious for it to be over. I know I did! 

One of the biggest pieces of advice I was given from older generations was to enjoy every minute of it once the baby came because it all goes by so quickly. I took it to heart and told myself to remember it during the newborn fog and any other tough times thrown at us. And you know what? They were completely right. I don’t understand how we already have a baby turning five months old in a couple weeks. It honestly feels like just yesterday that Sam arrived, I can still remember (almost) every detail of the hours leading up to his grand debut. In fact, I can still remember excitedly wandering around Babies R Us with Nick at 20 weeks pregnant putting together our baby registry, dreaming of the baby boy growing inside of me. And yet here we are now wandering around that same store with that baby boy, shopping for convertible car seats and plates and utensils in preparation for solid foods. How did this happen? How are we here already? It goes SO fast.

It’s something I’m having a difficult time handling, the fact that things are changing so quickly. It’s a bittersweet feeling, being excited for all of these things Sam is doing while at the same time wishing I could freeze everything so that I could enjoy it for a little bit longer. Just a couple weeks ago I thought about the fact that very soon he’ll start teething, which means that his gummy smile will be no more, and it broke my heart. Pretty soon he’ll be crawling, then walking, and he’ll be off on his way. It’s really the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced, watching Sam and witnessing him learn something new right in front of my eyes. I get so excited to see it, to see him realize he’s doing something new, while in my head begging him to just slow down for a little bit!

And then I get it, I completely understand why everyone keeps telling me to make sure to enjoy every minute of it. I see my grandma playing with Sam and think about how crazy it all must be to her. One moment she was a new mom figuring out the ropes of parenthood, and then those babies grew up and had their own babies and now those babies are having babies. When she tells me how fast time goes, I get it. The past few months have flown by quicker than I ever thought it could, I’m going to blink and we’ll be planning his first birthday. Before I know it he won’t be a baby anymore. 

So I’m doing what everyone says and trying to make sure and enjoy every minute. In those moments where I feel like ripping my hair out I remind myself that it won’t be like this for long. He might be waking up multiple times a night needing my comfort, but one day before I know it (probably before I’m ready) he’ll sleep through the night and not need as much snuggling. The days are sometimes long but the years are short, and it all goes by so fast.


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