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These are a few of my favorite things: diaper edition 

Today I want to talk about the dirty side of parenting aka diapers. If you’re a parent, expecting, or one day planning on being a parent, you will be up to your eyeballs in diapers (unless you have a ridiculous amount of money and can afford to have a full time nanny, which I’m going to guess you don’t). There are different types, different brands, each brand has different styles, it can get pretty confusing quickly. Long before I was even thinking about getting pregnant I somehow came upon cloth diapers and they immediately caught my attention. The more I read and learned about them, the more I felt positive that when I eventually had a baby I would want to use them instead of disposable diapers. Learning about cloth diapers is like deciding to go down the rabbit hole. It’s not like back in the old days of folding them and keeping them in place with safety pins before covering with rubber pants. There are AIOs, pocket diapers, covers, prefolds, hybrids, flats, it’s a whole new world out there! Loaded with all of this information plus the valuable tip to buy a variety of types instead of all one brand or style, I slowly began to build my cloth diaper “stash”. We are now a few months into diapers and I don’t want to say we’re pros or anything but when you have a baby that loves to poop, you learn pretty quickly what works and what fails miserably. In this installment of my favorite things I’ll be talking about the cloth diapers AND disposable diapers I love because we definitely don’t discriminate around here and use both on a daily basis. Let’s get down to business, shall we?

Cloth diapers

Bum Genius- I have the 4.0 pocket diapers and LOVE them. They’re nice and slim, easy to stuff an insert into and the easiest to get a good fit. I think the fit has to do with the stretchiness of the wings, none of the other pockets I have stretch like these! I also love the colors, they’re so vibrant and fun. They’re a little spendy so I only have three in my stash for now, but they’re my favorite!

Kawaii’s – Kawaii brand diapers make up the bulk of my stash and for good reason. They do a great job and are very inexpensive! Most of their pocket diapers cost anywhere from $6-9 which is half the price of the popular cloth brands, which allows you to build a decent -sized stash without completely breaking the bank. I have a couple different styles of pockets from Kawaii and they’re all great. I especially love the minky bamboo and Goodnight Heavy Wetters styles, they really do a great job when it comes to absorption. All of them are also ridiculously easy to stuff with inserts which is pretty important to me!

Fuzzibunz – I only have one Fuzzibunz in my stash but I enjoy it! These have a unique design, they’re very different than most other one size cloth diapers. Instead of having rows of snaps on the outside to adjust the rise, there is a button system on the inside that allows you to adjust the fit of the legs. I’ll admit that my Fuzzibunz sat in a drawer untouched for the first couple months because it intimidated me. There is a small learning curve but once you have it down you’re good (at least until you need to adjust the size again 😉). They fit differently than the other brands I have and are fluffier, but they work great.

Disposable diapers

I knew going into cloth diapering that we would use disposables the first few weeks while we were getting the hang of parenting and I was positive I wanted to use the Pampers swaddlers type. They were so popular and even the hospital used them, so they had to be good! And they were, for those first few weeks at least. But then Sam started getting bigger and suddenly the Pampers weren’t fitting as well and we found ourselves buying Huggies because Costco had big boxes of them.

While we try to mainly use cloth diapers we use disposables overnight and when we’re out of the house for more than a couple hours, and Huggies are our go to brand. They’re insanely absorbent and do the best job at containing poop-splosions which is really important because Sam LOVES to try and blow out of his diapers more than anything else in the world (except for eating…kid loves eating). We were gifted a box of Pampers and used them for a day before deciding after the second outfit change in a couple hours that they were not the brand for us. The design of the Huggies diaper has gussets around the back and legs to help contain messes and they definitely work! We’ve tried a couple different types of Huggies at this point and they’ve all been good but my favorite hands down is the kind that Costco carries, Huggies Little Snugglers Plus.

And there you have it, my favorite cloth and disposable diapers! Later on I’ll talk about some of my must have CD accessories, so keep an eye out for that post. What type of diaper do you prefer? Tell me about it in the comments!


3 thoughts on “These are a few of my favorite things: diaper edition 

  1. Love this! We’re a Kawaii house. Bumgenuis 4.0 is ok, but they didn’t fit A very well. And BG is so much more expensive! I built our stash of Kawaii on Canadian Thanksgiving (they’re based in Canada) and they were running a huge sale for the holiday. I spent about $3 per diaper (as opposed to the $21 per Bumgenuis diaper.)
    Kawaii is definitely best bang for your buck!

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    1. You must have their newer “improved” style, I wonder what changes they made from their previous diaper? Maybe I’ll have to buy a couple more, just for the sake of testing 😉


  2. I bought a bunch of bumgenius elemental that became useless once baby was mobile. They bunched to one side and leaked everywhere. I then bought blueberry diapers and they fit great! And I love target disposable diapers. They are cheap and just as good as any brand name (for us, anyway).


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