Reviews with Sammy: Fisher-Price Roarin’ Rainforest Jumparoo®

When we were putting together our baby registries I did a lot of research to try and make sure to ask for items that had great reviews. Yes, every baby is different which is why there are so many different things out there (just ask me about the friggin Mamaroo), but I figured great reviews were the best starting point. I knew I wanted to ask for some sort of Jumparoo because babies seem to always love them, and that’s when my searches brought me to the Roarin’Rainforest Jumparoo®. It looked like so much fun to me and had so many great features, I knew it was the one for our baby boy! Some of the things I love most about the Jumparoo are:

  • The five different activity features- the toys/activities are spread out around the jumper and are simple enough that Sam figured out how to play with most of them (except for the alligator) around three months old.
  • The chair swivels 360°! Sam has the attention span of a golden retriever puppy and loses interest quickly, so the swivel chair works perfectly to help keep him entertained. Each time we put him in it we’ll adjust it so that he’s facing a different toy and he loves it.
  • The music has two different options for how you want it played as well as two different volumes (which is the greatest idea ever with baby toys). You have the option of either having the music continuously playing, or to only play when baby jumps hard enough to set it off. At first we had it playing constantly but a couple weeks ago we switched it to the other option and Sam seems to enjoy it more.
  • The three different height settings – I like that there are three different heights for the jumper so that baby can fit well in it for as long as possible. We haven’t had to bump it up to the second level yet so I can’t vouch for ease of adjustment, but it doesn’t seem very difficult to do.

This is hands down one of Sam’s top 5 favorite toys/baby gear. If he could he would spend hours in it, happily bouncing around looking like a cross between a backup dancer for the “Gangnam Style” music video and a cowboy bull riding. It’s pretty entertaining. We were given it as a gift off our baby registry but you can pick one up for yourself right here! Lastly, here is a video of Sam showing off the Jumparoo. Like I said, he’s a big fan of it!


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