My grown up Christmas list (and ideas for the mom’s in your life)

I’m just going to come right out and say it; Christmas isn’t nearly as fun when you’re an adult as when you’re a child. When you’re a child you grab the Toys R Us catalogue and circle whatever catches your eye, and then hand your parents a multi-page list of everything you want. When you’re an adult you either a) buy whatever you want yourself whenever you realize you want/need it because you’re a grown up with a grown up job, or b) ask for boring adult things like vacuums (the only thing on my list last year). I’m not going to lie to you, my list this year had some pretty boring things on it, but there were also a couple items that I really want and am excited for. So what exactly is on my list?

  • A ring with Sam’s name engraved on it. I knew before Sam was even born that I wanted one but wasn’t sure how I wanted it to look. Most of them had the baby’s birthstone on it but me being a perfectionist hated the thought of having birthstone colors clash with any future kids that might come along. When I came across this ring I knew immediately I wanted one, it was perfect! Small, nothing crazy to it, just a simple little band with Sam’s name engraved in it. Nick let me have a sneak peek at it to make sure it fit and I can’t wait to wear it! I plan on wearing it on my right hand but I’ve seen others wear it with their wedding bands, it’s up to the wearer. I might ask for a second ring for my birthday (because they’re stackable) with Sam’s birthdate on it, we’ll see 😉 You can find the website for rings here!
  • A brow kit from Benefit. I’m not one to go crazy with makeup but I despise my eyebrows. Seriously, they’re awful. I’ve always just bought eyebrow sticks from the nearest drugstore, but recently I heard about Benefit’s kit and it caught my eye. I’ve always been a huge fan of their makeup and will occasionally splurge and treat myself to some of their blush, so I knew I needed to try this kit. I was able to see how it looked on by going to their counter at Macy’s and the saleswoman helped me figure out the right shade, and I promptly sent a picture of the box to Nick. I’m really excited to start using it! If you have awful eyebrows like myself and want to check out the kit, you can find it here or just stop into your local Macy’s, Sephora or Ultra.
  • A pancake griddle (because I’m such a mom and want to be able to make multiple pancakes at once).
  • A wine bottle opener that spits the cork out (because I am forever struggling to get the friggin cork off and have broken several openers in the process with my hulk strength).
  • A restaurant gift card and babysitter (nana) so that Nick and I can have a date night.

A couple other ideas for that special woman in your life:

  • A manicure or pedicure (or both!)- most mom’s give everything they have to their children and never take the time to take care of themselves. A few hours where they can go get pampered and relax is always a nice thing!
  • A gift card to her favorite coffee shop – because coffee is spendy but SO NEEDED.
  • A robotic vacuum- I bought myself one right before Sam was born because I knew it would be hard to find the time to vacuum with a baby, and it has definitely come to my rescue on a weekly basis! The one we have I found on Amazon after doing some research and reading a ton of reviews. The one we have does a pretty great job, especially for the price, and keeps the main floor of our home looking clean!  I will admit that there are times where the thing runs itself up the legs of the coffee table and gets stuck, and it has thrown itself down the stairs a time or two, but overall I’m pleased with the job it does (and the job I don’t have to do👍). Here’s the link for the vacuum  if you want to check it out for a potential gift (or to treat yourself). 

And there you have it, my grown up Christmas list and ideas for the mom’s in your life! What’s on your list this year?


2 thoughts on “My grown up Christmas list (and ideas for the mom’s in your life)

  1. Hahaha the wine bottle opener is definitely a must for you! You’ve demolished quite a few in the past, and smashed a few innocent wine bottles in the process. Good times. 😂😘


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